Michael Walmer Receives 2014 REPM Distinguished Achievement Award

LANDISVILLE, PA (September 5, 2014) – Four Distinguished Achievement Awards were presented at the 23rd International Workshop on Rare Earth and Future Permanent Magnets and Their Applications, held in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 17-21 August 2014. The award recipients were Professor Rex Harris from the University of Birmingham in the UK; Dr. Takahiko Iriyama, General Manager of Electromagnetic Materials Research at Daido Corporate R&D Center in Japan; Professor Y. C. Yang from Beijing University in China; and Michael H. Walmer, President and CEO of Electron Energy Corporation in the United States.

The awards were presented by Professor George Hadjipanayis, Workshop Chair, in recognition of their significant contributions to the field of permanent magnets. “The REPM Workshop Organizing Committees have been presenting this Distinguished Achievement Award only to those with important and long-standing contributions to the field of permanent magnets,” said Professor Hadjipanayis of the University of Delaware. This workshop was initiated by Karl J. Strnat in 1974 in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Since then there have been 23 workshops hosted around the world. These meetings are now held every two years, giving an opportunity for scientists, engineers, researchers, and academics from all over the world to share their research results on the development of future, more powerful permanent magnets.

“With 44 years of experience in magnetics, Michael Walmer is an internationally recognized expert in rare earth magnets and their applications,” said Professor Hadjipanayis. Michael joined Electron Energy Corporation at its inception in 1970 and helped his father, Marlin Walmer, the founder of EEC, establish and develop the company. In 1999, Michael became the President and CEO of EEC. Michael has built a very strong team tasked with leading EEC into the future as a vibrant, growing business. Electron Energy Corporation is one of the world’s leading producers of rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies for critical applications.

“With a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering from Lehigh University, Michael has been instrumental in the development of new magnet materials and improved manufacturing processes, including the development of Sm-Co 1:5 and 2:17 magnets for numerous demanding applications including zero reversible temperature coefficient (RTC) magnets for inertial devices, and ultra-high temperature magnets that can operate up to 550 degrees centigrade,” said Dr. Jinfang Liu, Chief Operating Officer at Electron Energy Corporation.

Michael is the author or co-author of a number of published technical articles, conference presentations and US patents. Michael and his team at Electron Energy Corporation have developed unique applications by working closely with customers to improve their products. He currently serves as a member of the International Advisory Committee of the REPM workshop series. He received the Small Business Person of the Year Award from the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2008.

Walmer Award      Walmer Award