Dr. Jinfang Liu named President & COO of Electron Energy Corporation

Landisville, PA (March 10, 2017) — Electron Energy Corporation (EEC) has announced that it has appointed Dr. Jinfang Liu, currently the company’s Chief Operating Officer, as President of EEC.  Dr. Liu will continue to serve as the COO of EEC as well as President.  As President and COO, Dr. Liu will continue to position EEC for sustainable growth as a global magnet solutions provider.

Dr. Liu started with EEC in December of 1998 as Senior Development Engineer.   With graduate degrees in both Physics and Materials Science & Engineering, Dr. Liu is one of the premier magnet technologists in the world.

Dr. Liu has led numerous advances in materials development at EEC and played a significant role in our development of both high temperature and high energy product SmCo magnet materials.  Dr. Liu has also been personally involved in expanding EEC’s operational capabilities in order satisfy global demand for EEC magnet solutions.

Michael Walmer who has been the President and CEO will now serve as the company’s Chairman and CEO.  Mr. Walmer offered the following comments when asked about the recent changes.  “Succession planning, at all levels, is a very important part of the work we do to prepare and position our company for perpetuity.  I am very pleased for this opportunity to continue working closely with Jinfang as we lead our company into a very bright future.  Our best years are yet to come.” 

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