Flowmeter Design

The following article was written by scientists at Argonne National Laboratory and includes details about how their electromagnetic submersible flowmeter (ANL EMFM) was built using cutting-edge rare-earth magnets that can be submerged in a sodium-cooled reactor environment. The magnets used were manufactured by Electron Energy Corporation.

A permanent magnet flowmeter utilizes a permanent magnetic field positioned perpendicularly to a flow of electrically conductive fluid to induce a transverse voltage across the flow. The fundamental physics that drive the electric and magnetic field development in the flowmeter via a Lorentz force are captured by Ohm’s law.


While other flowmeter designs have utilized alnico magnets, this Argonne National Laboratory design used EEC 18-T550 magnets. These ultra-high temperature samarium cobalt magnets were because they possess a higher coercivity and energy product than the alnico magnets used in past permanent magnet-based submersible flowmeters. This means the flowmeter size and weight may be reduced while maintaining the same induced voltage flow signal.

Electron Energy Corporation (EEC) is an expert developer and leading American producer of rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies that serves various customers around the world. Our experienced engineering team works with companies to design magnet assemblies like ANL’s electromagnetic submersible flowmeter. Our laboratory and testing equipment, as well as university and vendor partnering, have enabled successful research work and transitioning to production to serve the needs of the government and commercial markets. Beginning with the design phase, EEC has the ability to rapidly prototype parts to satisfy aggressive product development timelines and seamlessly transition into full production.

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